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Clear Aligner Chewies

$1.75 each pair

Aligner Chewies are an essential accessory for clear aligner treatments. With soft, flexible material, these chewies are safe to chew on, assure proper aligner fit, and protect your patients' gums during use to prevent oral trauma or damage caused by improper placement.

  • Clear aligner chewies can help keep aligners in place, reducing the irritation and discomfort that can be caused by aligners that shift or move around in the mouth.
  • By keeping aligners in place, chewies can help ensure that the aligners are able to exert the necessary force to move teeth into the desired position. This can help the aligners work more effectively and efficiently.
  • Clear aligner chewies can make it easier to wear aligners by helping to hold them in place and reducing the need to constantly readjust them. This can make wearing aligners more comfortable and convenient.
  • Clear aligner chewies can help keep aligners clean by preventing food and bacteria from getting trapped between the aligners and the teeth. This can help reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Directions for daily use

Chew on the chewies
to soften them
Make sure aligners
are properly seated
Bite down on chewies
to hold aligners in place

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