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Whitening Trays

Customizable trays designed for home teeth whitening. Made to fit perfectly over your teeth for even and effective whitening.


Our dental experts create custom-fit whitening trays using advanced technology and quality materials for comfort and effective results.
Simply send us digital scans of your patient's teeth, and we'll handle the rest, delivering personalized trays to your clinic.
The trays are tailored to fit perfectly, ensuring maximum contact with the whitening gel for optimal whitening outcomes.
Our trays are made from medical-grade materials, ensuring safety and effectiveness during the whitening process.
Receive your order of seealine Whitening Trays faster than industry standards and as early as 5 business days.
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Care Instructions

Keep your aligners clear, comfortable, and effective with these simple steps.


Ensure to clean your whitening trays thoroughly with a soft brush and mild soap after each use to remove any residue and maintain cleanliness.

Proper Storage

After cleaning, store your trays in a dry and cool location, away from damp areas to prevent any bacterial growth.

Sunlight Protection

Keep your whitening trays out of direct sunlight to prevent any warping or material degradation, ensuring their longevity and effectiveness.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
What results can I expect from Whitening Trays?
Results vary, but consistent use can lead to noticeably whiter teeth within a few weeks.
Are Whitening Trays suitable for sensitive teeth?
Yes, but start with shorter sessions and consult your dentist if sensitivity occurs.
How often can I use my Whitening Trays?
Follow the product guidelines or your dentist's advice, typically a few times a week.
Will Whitening Trays work on all stains?
They are most effective on external stains. Internal stains may require professional treatment.
How do Whitening Trays affect existing dental work?
They won't whiten dental restorations but are safe for use on natural teeth.